With intralogistic know-how since 1986, the Vittorio D’ Incà Levis company was born in February of 2011 to offer technical and vendor services in intraLogistics and mechanical addictive building technical. These are the services:


  • inbound logistic flows analysis through Excel® and Access® databases;
  • design on Autocad® to compare and reach the best handling system;
  • technical specification to suppliers;
  • GANTT, project management;
  • project and realize advanced spreadsheet on demand.

  • industrial racks, lift trucks, AS/RS and automatic handling systems, WMS and LOAD PLANNER software;

  • customer's factory analysis to choose the best technology to reach targets about temperature, humidity, air flows;
  • project and system design;
  • full service rental (5 to 60 mounth contracts) or sales proposals of climatization plants.

  • interpersonal transactions analysis, purposeful to increase efficence in the offices and reduce the worker's turnover with positive ipact in sales and EBIDTA;
  • project and realization of offices collecting several suppliers in turnkey fullfilment;