In more than twenty years of activity, We have been know several interesting Companies. With some of them, listed here, is born a continuosly collaboration based on reciprocal skill, reliability and seriously.

EMCO - engineering and components for stearing AS/RS
Partner since 1999 : little slovenian Company with a strong know-how about automatic warehousing, reliable partner to made mechanical components for stearing AS/RS automatic stacker cranes. Sales Partner to slovenian market

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ESATROLL - automatic lift trucks, AGV SGV
Parter since 2003 : inertial and ANT guide system automatic lift truck for internal and external purpose. Customerization, high tech, great performances and reliability, multi pallet transporter

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MAD AUTOMATION - LGV Laser Guided Veichles
Partner since 2014 : LGV Laser Guided Veichles, palletizing, wrapping machines, industrial automation

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MOVIN - Automatic Assembly Lines and transport
Partner since 2002: automatic mono & bi rail transport, assembly line, autoomatic lift, interoperational warehouse...

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